SEMI 4.0 Two Bike Rack

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The Semi 4.0 is the building block to an epic getaway. Add the Semi 4.0 Add-On (bring your buddies) and you're set! Zero frame contact protects the investment for Carbon Frame bikes by grabbing it by the wheels only.
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Integrated locking cables extend out of the pivot arms, slowing down the bike thieves. It comes with a locking threaded hitch pin to secure the rack to the vehicle as well!
Carries up to 2 bikes
Zero Frame Contact
Fits 20" to 29" wheels
Ratcheting arms only grab the wheels
Rear wheel ratchet strap firmly hold bikes and secure wheels
Fits most frame sizes, shapes and styles
Integrated locking cable and 5/8" locking hitch pin included
Rack Weight: 57.4lbs